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Construction of amusement lakes and waterfront
Construction of wastewater treatment lagoons
Construction of municipal and industrial waste landfills
Construction of drinking water reservoirs
Construction of artificial lakes
Construction of pisciculture pounds
Industrial, mineral and chemical contaminant factories
Construction of water channels and rubber dams
Construction of agricultural pounds, etc.
Construction of retention pounds in order to produce sediments.
Insulation and sealing tunnels, underpass or underground structures such as subway

Decreasing the construction costs compared to other methods
Fast operation
Easy insulation compared to concrete and clay surfaces
Easy operation for lakes, tanks, pound etc.
Flexibility against dynamic forces such as earthquakes and asymmetric subsiding
Desirable resistance against climatic and environmental factors and UV rays
No decay and destruction in the vicinity of soil and moisture (special insulation for underground structures and subways)
Accurate quality control possibility and perfect insulation
Possibility of easier and faster repair and maintenance at the time of operation
GCL (Geosynthetic Clay Liner)
GCLs is another type of Geosynthetic products made out of one or more Geotextile layers and a layers containing bentonite materials